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This Friday Night!

Hello all!

This Friday night I’m playing at The Wolf Public House with “Long Way Home.”
6:30 – 9:00 and it’s sure to be a good, chill show (or just “chillY” if you stand outside to listen).
[See the poster in the post below.]

To quote some people that have been to my shows,

“Great job, dAN!”

Hope you can come enjoy some music with me and my friends!


Calling at the Wolf

I’ve made some new friends over at The Wolf Public House in Clayton, and they have a lovely little room in back where people enjoy good music!  I thought we could all go spend time together at their place with nice coffee, good food and spirits.

Where:  The Wolf Public House

When:  January 27 & February 10

Time:  6:30 – 9:00

What:  A dAN Hartke show with new and old friends.

Cobwebs & Newbies

Hello all,

The end of another year is upon us.
Black Friday has done its worst and we’re about to experience all the reflection, anticipation and insanity that is the Christmas season.

I’ve been busy for the last month or so cleaning the cobwebs off a Christmas show I co-wrote with a friend of mine 7 years ago called, Remember the King.  I’ve been asked to perform it as a solo show this year for a group of friends in Wisconsin, so I’ve had the joy of re-adapting certain a cappella  or rock tunes for acoustic and even writing a few replacement songs.  I’m excited (and a little nervous) to perform the ole’ show again.

It’s a good show for challenging our traditional thinking of the season and calling people to seek hope in an often time discouraging and lonely holiday.

“Peace on earth, good will toward men.”
If you find that, I’ll be impressed,
Because darkness enters in the hearts of men;
We need the Light, we need the Light again…

I hope it challenges people this year as much as it’s challenged me while cleaning it up.

In other news, I thought I’d give a little “teaser” for some work I’m doing toward my next project, “For Country and King.”  (working title)  This album is going to deal with the idea of conflict as we find it in War and at Home, in Church and in the Family, and as always, in Love.  Here’s a free look at my face in a video (that’s our bird house in the background!), and you might hear a new song as well… cheers!

LIV reviewed on TheChristianManifesto!

Hello friends,

Exciting news!  My friends at The Christian Manifesto did a really nice write up on LIV, calling it “what every independent release should be,” and I wanted to share it with you.

You can read the full review by Kyle Kiekintveld HERE.

The Christian Manifesto takes a look at Jesus and Pop Culture through an honest lens and a little bit of sarcasm along the way.   Read the rest of this page »

LIV for $6.99!

Have you ever made a mistake that ended up being really cool for a lot of people??

Well, I did. Read the rest of this page »

Time to announce the winners!

There have been some great contributions, and some… interesting ones, but I’ve finally had a chance to read them all and perform the horrible task of choosing two of the many.  Thanks for playing, everyone!

So here they are:

The first is by Bailey,

“Life is like a stereo, sometimes you gotta unplug the headphones and let the music fill the room.”

And the second is by Jeremy,

“Life is like math, for some it’s hard, some it’s easy, but it will never be ‘mastered.'”


Fun thoughts, guys!

You should go check out the other contributions on the below post… you’ll laugh, you’ll cry.  It’s a good time. 😉



Two people will have the opportunity to win a free copy of LIV just by sharing your profound skill of the simile.

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